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Watermelon Nights… performed by a British private school jazz band?*click here for mp3This is the kind of thing that keeps me going.When you receive an email from a kid named Rupert in Bedfordshire, England who got his academy band to play an arranged version of “Watermelon Nights”That’s bloody brilliant.Cheers to Rupert and also to the Internet for making stuff like this happen! 

Watermelon Nights… performed by a British private school jazz band?
*click here for mp3
This is the kind of thing that keeps me going.
When you receive an email from a kid named Rupert in Bedfordshire, England who got his academy band to play an arranged version of “Watermelon Nights”
That’s bloody brilliant.
Cheers to Rupert and also to the Internet for making stuff like this happen! 

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BROKEN MARY (unplugged medley)
These guys were huge on the Grunge scene back in the early 90’ Seattle.
Can’t believe they finally reunited to make this acoustic medley of their best songs

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Hey guys… in honor of the 4th of July, I composed this song with the intention of it replacing our national anthem. Write to your Congressman today to get the word out.

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Nasty Prisms Good Sir

"Nasty Prisms, Good Sir" by Syd Barrett, 1970
The lost EP album from Syd’s post-Pink Floyd era. Out of print for almost 40 years, this rare bootlegged collector’s item is now re-released on Meth Minute Records. Contains the songs “Moonshine Trousers”, “Sorrow’s Rainbow”, and “Lumps!”
(Read about the REAL story of these songs here )

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Gimme The Nightclub

For a while I was really into making mashups. Well, I made about five and they were all pretty bad except this one. A hybrid of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and George Benson’s “Gimmie The Night”. These two songs fit together like sonic jigsaw puzzle pieces. I emailed the result to Dj BC, an acclaimed mashup remixer and he asked if he could improve it by extending it and adding some more bass thump. Download this killer version here.

The Song-A-Day blog of JOHN CRAVE

Many of you who have seen my video “Watermelon Nights” have told me that the song was stuck in your head for days. It’s definitely a catchy tune, that’s for sure. But not too many people have heard other music by it’s composer… the mysterious underground musician John Crave.

I myself have never met him in person, but I’ve been a fan of his strange songs for years. You can’t really buy his albums anywhere, you just have to know someone who thinks you’re cool enough to send you an mp3. That’s how underground he is.

Luckily for all of us, some fan started a new blog in which she posts a different song from John Crave’s prolific catalogue every day. It’s great. She’s even uncovered as much research as she can about each song and shares the secret info. John Crave is a mystery but thanks to this blog there’s going to be a lot more people sharing the mystery.

Click here to go the John Crave blog.

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People loved this jam. It’s “P-Cok” from the Meth Minute cartoon of the same name.


Last week I was interviewed on the air by Ian and Abel of the Hofstra University morning radio show. They had some great questions about The Meth Minute and it was fun to chat with them. In case you didn’t happen to be listening to 88.7 Fm in Long Island that morning, I’ve got the mp3 of it for you here. Click here to download mp3 of the interview PS: It’s ironic that I was interviewed on college radio, because we just finished an upcoming episode of “Nite Fite” that is a flashback to Penalty & LLoyd’s college-era radio show in the 70’s (see above). An uncanny coincidence.

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Watermelon Nights… The Song

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I was kind of surprised by the number of people out there who requested the mp3 of this song. In the beginning of the Alan Kaufman cartoon from a few weeks ago we hear a bit of a “hard rockin’” song that Alan is listening to on his stereo.


This song is called “Pittsburgh Sons / I Was a Mighty Child” and was recorded by a band I was singing for called The Power Apes a few years ago. It’s a melding of two different songs I wrote with Larch and William Skullmaster and then later recorded by the Power Apes (John Crave, Curt Battles, Oki Kintama, and Christian Dahm.)

Here’s the mp3!

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As you may have noticed, “The Meth Minute” contains a lot of original music. People have started to ask for mp3’s of the songs featured every week and so we’ll be releasing a new one for download each Monday.

Today’s mp3 is “Stu’s Song” from the episode of the same name. You’ll find this interesting since it contains an unheard ending verse. This song has strange cosmic magic. Even Beef was mesmerized by it.

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Meth Minute Soundtrack By Grandpa Meth


The newest Meth Minute Cartoon is my tribute to the strange animation of Eastern Europe. I’ve always been interested in all things Eastern Bloc, probably because my family lineage originates from Hungary, Belarus, Romania, etc. If we had never immigrated to America, I might be making cartoons like this:

When I had finished the animation and was looking for a background soundtrack, I knew it needed some E. European instrumentals to keep it authentic. The choice was obvious: My Hungarian-born grandfather Abraham Meth’s very own opera overture.


This past November, we flew to Arizona to see Grandpa’s opera (composed in the late 1950’s) performed by a professional orchestra. Although it’s the story of Moses and the Exodus, I had a feeling it’s instrumental overture would be perfect for my cartoon about anthropomorphic hands that spill coffee on each other!


The performance was recorded and the CD came to me in the mail hours before the cartoon needed to be edited and distributed all over the internet. A couple splices of the music with the cartoon and it was appeared to be cosmically destined.

Collaborating with my 95 year-old grandfather on a film was awesome. He was a student of Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly at the Budapest Acadamy of Music in the 1930’s and wrote music and drew all his life. Abraham Meth is where I inherited any of my musical and artistic traits from so I guess it’s all come full circle.

How To Create Syd Barrett Music



This week’s “Meth Minute 39″ cartoon is about the late great Syd Barrett. For those of you who are unaware, Barrett was the original singer for Pink Floyd until he drifted off into a insane world of LSD fantasy and became a mysterious recluse.


For the cartoon’s soundtrack, I needed to create some songs that sound just like Barrett’s own. I turned to my friend William Rahilly, a longtime musical collaborator. Will has a closet-sized recording space in Brooklyn crowded with instruments, analog-replicating tube amps and more.

First, I had made a list of words and phrases that I felt like Syd would use in his lyrics.


Then Will started strumming his acoustic and I put together some lyrics with the words from the list.



Next, we started recording all the instrumental tracks.


Finally I laid down my Syd Barrett imposter vocals.


And that’s all it took. Without further ado, here is the outcome: