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Decade of Distraction - #16 of 101 

This weekend I was actually having a hot dog and accidently squirted mustard water onto it and I was like, “My own cartoon taught me nothing”. 

Decade of Distraction - #14 of 101

Todays is as good a day as any to post this episode of the Meth Minute; I was just visited by a fan named Curtis who is visiting NYC from Canada and who, years ago, left the Christopher Walken message in this cartoon! Nice to be reminded that all these voice messages were left by real people who are still out there.

I’m not sure why this is “news”, but the Huffington Post is telling me that actor Jeremy Piven dropped his phone in a toilet.

For me, this is a case of life imitating art: Piven is one of a couple smarmy celebrities who inspired my Meth Minute characters The Craigs. And in this cartoon from 2008, one of the Craigs drops his phone in a toilet.


Tonight is the series premier of my friend Devin Clark’s series "Ugly Americans" on Comedy Central. Before his show goes on to be a huge hit, let’s take a look at this old episode of the Meth Minute 39. I recorded Devin pretending to be Mike Tyson and the result made me collapse on the floor of the sound studio in hysterics.

Ugly Americans: Tonight after South Park on Comedy Central. 

THE METH MINUTE: “Mustard Water”

Strike The Hammer! Coins Fall To The Floor
As You’re Gathering The Weapons For the War!
And If You Wanna Be The Best, You Gotta Take the Test!
Climb To The Sky, A Champion Will Rise!

Wang Warrior Production Sketches… mailed to Turkey
When I was moving out of my apartment recently, I was sorting through mountains of old papers, and found all the original drawings for the Wang Warriors crew. I decided to mail them to this guy in Instanbul named Can who is without a doubt the biggest Wang Warriors fan in Eurasia (and probably all of planet Earth). Since it premiered in March 2008, he’s been quoting it in comments and begging for a sequel. While that’s unlikely, maybe the original art will keep him happy for a while!