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A trippy music video I edited together using only weird old movies.
It’s purpose is to raise awareness for GHOST RADAR, my weird side-blog of just images and videos that inspire the pants off me for their haunting mystique. 

music by John Crave
edited together by Dan Meth using weirdness from many old movies. 

The Flexible Dime
dir: Dan Meth

Google Street Road Trip Footage
A lot of people have asked me how I created that background footage of Google Street View whizzing by in this most recent College Humor cartoon. The answer is simple: Hundreds and hundreds of Google Street screenshots. You’re probably wondering if that took a long time. Yes it did… and yet somehow I gathered even more “footage” than I ended up using. So instead of letting it go to waste, I made this fun little music video. Take us away, Chuck…

Anatomically Correct Slow Jam
Let’s get sensually specific tonight, baby. Here’s a new cartoon I made for College Humor. You’ll definitely want to put those headphones on, because this is certainly Not Safe For Work (unless you are a physician or sex-ed teacher.)

The vocals were performed by a very talented R&B singer named Vincent Keating. I got some animation assistance by my homies Adam Rosette and Josh Weisbrod.

A brand-new music video that I made for Mixel Pixel’s song “Monster Manual”.
I drew this one straight ahead as if I was doodling in 7th grade math class. Check out the “making of” here.

Here’s my video for the indie rock band Via Audio's song “Modern Day Saint”. 

To see a “behind the scenes” video explaining how I made it, click here. I’m currently working on a second video for 99 Dollar Music Videos. 

Meth Minute Mondays:

This episode of The Meth Minute 39 seems to be many people’s favorite, including myself. It was also the most fun to make; getting away from the computer and spending all day in the park with some friends in July. Can’t be beat.

People often assume it took a long time to make and that we used hundreds of watermelons. In actuality, it was the quickest video I’ve ever made. 13 watermelons, two days of shooting, and two days of editing.

PS: If you like the song (and who doesn’t?), you should check out the blog of John Crave, the musician who performs it.

Live Natty

I made this cartoon for a jeans company only last year and it already seems vaguely “retro”. The era of paparazzis, tabloids, and pantie-less celebrity bimbos seems to have peaked and passed by. Doesn’t it? Maybe it had something to do with Obama. I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

This cartoon is now a time capsule of a moment in pop-cultural history. No longer relevant yet strangely nostalgic. But the song is still as catchy as it ever was.

It’s Friday! Come on Everybody, it’s Time to …

Shake That Ass!

Here’s a little video I did years ago when I was learning how to animate. The song is by a group called Splack Pack. And yes, there are some characters borrowed from other cartoons.

The 12 Days Of Touring

Here’s a little  holiday-ish music video I threw together with my friends Mixel Pixel, a Brooklyn music group. They wrote this funny rock band-themed spoof on “12 Days of Christmas” and I thought it would make a funny cartoon. Merry Touring!

This one’s a classic. I animated this for and wrote the song with musical collaborator Micah Frank.

"Hebrew Crunk" was my first cartoon to go huge on Youtube. I came into work one morning and saw that it had gotten 60,000 views in the past hour. That is the true power of Youtube.