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Backstreet Warlocks
The dark magic of the five final warlocks; exiled to a barren hellscape and plotting their vengeance against Kralox.
Uhhh… maybe you better just watch it. 

starring me, Rob Corradetti, and Matt Kaukeinen
sound design by Mark Vitelli

"Haiku For The Single Girl"
Here’s an animated ad I did for my friend Beth Griffenhagen’s new book. Cynthia Vehslage-Meyers created all the illustrations in it and I made them come alive with animation. It was an interesting challenge!

NEW CARTOON: Aliens Or Monsters?

Which was scarier for you as a kid? The CollegeHumor Gang sounds off on this extremely important question. Starring Amir, Streeter, Jeff, Pat, Sarah, and Dan.

NEW CARTOON: Richard Branson’s Airline Safety Video

Streeter and  Pat of College Humor wrote this cartoon for me to make based on what we imagine a Virgin Airlines safety video to be like. Maybe someday we’ll be able to afford a flight and see if we were close!

NEW VIDEO!: Carl Sagan’s Cartoon Cosmos
Join Carl on this interstellar voyage of the silliest planets from children’s entertainment. It’s like real science, but fake.

Featuring the always brilliant mimcry of Josh Ruben as Sagan and more.

NEW CARTOON: “Woody Allen: This Is Crazy!”
Today is Woody’s 75th Birthday. So I whipped together this little animated tribute to everyone’s favorite sad little man.

*I searched the web high and low for the best Woody Allen impersonation I could find. My quest ended once I discovered this 1989 clip of a guy named Tony Forkush. I tracked him down in LA and was happy to discover he could still channel Woody like no other!

Ed Hardy Shirt
New Cartoon!!! This one takes you inside one of those Ed Hardy shirts to see what goes on among the world of douche-y animals that populate it. Featuring an all-star cast of comedy voices including Jim Santangeli, Jon Gabrus, Josh Ruben, Rosa Salazar, Streeter Seidell, Sarah Schneider, Patrick Cassells and Lacy Wittman,

Michael Caine’s Chillout Room

My new cartoon for explores Sir Michael Caine’s unexpected love of the trance-lounge electronica scene. Most specifically his self-imposed duty to keep ravers hydrated. Starring College Humor's Sam Reich as the old thespian himself.

Superpowers Part 2 
More of the College Humor staff tells me what superpowers they’d choose to have, and I animate their messed-up answers. If you like it, check out part 1! 
Features: Amir, Streeter, Josh, Vinnie, David, and Sam.

Close Call Film Roles
In this new cartoon for Atom, I illustrate some of cinema’s most bizarre “almost-casted” roles. All of these classic movies might have been a lot weirder had these parts gone to the wrong actors… and by wrong I mean right.