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Outkast are reuniting this weekend at Coachella!
Here’s a cartoon I directed featuring Big Boi himself recounting a tale from the early days of the group.

Woody Allen 
He’s been in the news a lot lately for messed-up reasons.
This cartoon manages to be messed-up for all kinds of different reasons.

As you may have heard, Fox is rebooting Carl Sagan’s classic miniseries “Cosmos” later this week. In preparation, let’s revisit this “Cosmos” reboot I wrote with Patrick Cassel's for College Humor a couple years ago. Josh Ruben's Sagan impersonation is nothing short of scientifically astounding.

Here’s a trailer I just edited for Spectacle Theatre in Brooklyn.
It’s for the 1973 Italian drama Sbatti Il Mostro In Prima Pagina” 
For the soundtrack I used a song by prog-rockers 
Banco Del Mutuo Succorso, also from Italy 1973.

Animated Drunk Dial #2 
Comedian Jon Gabrus and I have teamed up again to bring you another cartoon for College Humor. The key to getting girls is just to be yourself — a cleaner, less creepy version of yourself. 

The Promised Land 
a Google Street road trip across America and beyond. 
Music by Chuck Berry.
Vimeo Staff Pick, 2010 

Stanley Kubrick Bloopers

Delaware. It’s like being tickled by lambs.

Fun with Stock Photos: Dads on Phones Holding Babies
A new video I made with College Humor about highly specific stock photo characters!
Starring Streeter, Josh Ruben, and Sam Reich, with animation help by Will Rahilly.

Dog Video Dating

An oldie but a goodie. 

A Wild Night With Outkast
Big Boi recounts a dangerous night from the group’s early days.
I animated this one for Pitchfork TV last year.

Special Christmas!
a holiday extravaganza by Dan Meth
featuring Matt Kaukeinan and Rob Corradetti

Since I’m currently writing from London; here’s a cartoon about some of our favorite Brits. 

To promote their new reality show “Whisker Wars”, IFC channel asked me to make four animated episodes of a beard-based sports news show. 
I asked two of my favorite NYC comedians, Chris Gethard and Jim Santangeli to play the hosts. Special guest voices by Josh Ruben, Molly Simms, and Sady Cohen.