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Outkast are reuniting this weekend at Coachella!
Here’s a cartoon I directed featuring Big Boi himself recounting a tale from the early days of the group.

Woody Allen 
He’s been in the news a lot lately for messed-up reasons.
This cartoon manages to be messed-up for all kinds of different reasons.

As you may have heard, Fox is rebooting Carl Sagan’s classic miniseries “Cosmos” later this week. In preparation, let’s revisit this “Cosmos” reboot I wrote with Patrick Cassel's for College Humor a couple years ago. Josh Ruben's Sagan impersonation is nothing short of scientifically astounding.

Here’s a trailer I just edited for Spectacle Theatre in Brooklyn.
It’s for the 1973 Italian drama Sbatti Il Mostro In Prima Pagina” 
For the soundtrack I used a song by prog-rockers 
Banco Del Mutuo Succorso, also from Italy 1973.

Animated Drunk Dial #2 
Comedian Jon Gabrus and I have teamed up again to bring you another cartoon for College Humor. The key to getting girls is just to be yourself — a cleaner, less creepy version of yourself. 

The Promised Land 
a Google Street road trip across America and beyond. 
Music by Chuck Berry.
Vimeo Staff Pick, 2010 

Stanley Kubrick Bloopers

Delaware. It’s like being tickled by lambs.

Dog Video Dating

An oldie but a goodie. 

A Wild Night With Outkast
Big Boi recounts a dangerous night from the group’s early days.
I animated this one for Pitchfork TV last year.

Special Christmas!
a holiday extravaganza by Dan Meth
featuring Matt Kaukeinan and Rob Corradetti

Since I’m currently writing from London; here’s a cartoon about some of our favorite Brits. 

To promote their new reality show “Whisker Wars”, IFC channel asked me to make four animated episodes of a beard-based sports news show. 
I asked two of my favorite NYC comedians, Chris Gethard and Jim Santangeli to play the hosts. Special guest voices by Josh Ruben, Molly Simms, and Sady Cohen.